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Deformities of foot and ankle: These might include such things as a crooked toe, unusual high or low arch, lumps or bumps that can not be explained and more.

Arthritic conditions of foot and ankle: Arthritis can come from old injuries or can just happen due to things we did in the past for work or sport. It can lead to painful conditions that prevent exercise or activities.

Bunions: A bunion is caused from the metatarsal bone pushing out to the side of the foot creating a lump that can hurt and cause the great toe to lean into, under or on top of the second toe.

Hammertoes: When one of the lesser toes bends in the middle or deviates either left or right we call them hammertoes. The term is a catch all for a number of different contidions that make toes not lay straight like they are supposed to. 

Foot and ankle pain: When we talk to patients about pain, most of the time the patient has lived with the discomfort for a while and they find it hard to describe. Pain in this case is anything from mild discomfort to severe debilitating pain. The key is that what ever it is has made living life hard to do.

Reconstructive surgery: This would be surgery to restore or repair something that has happened. Either from arthritis or injury or in some cases surgery that has not come out like we wanted. 

Ingrown nails: Toenails that have grown into the skin causing redness, swelling and pain. Sometimes they can get infected as well.

Warts and skin growths: Warts are a viral growth that usually gets larger and more painful. Skin growths can range from just a little skin tag to tumors both benign and malignant. 

Tendon and ligament dysfunction: Tendons and ligaments can stop functioning like they are supposed to either from injury or from over use. When this happens, they become unable to do the job they are supposed to be doing and this can lead to torn ligaments or tendons. Most of the time they can be treated to prevent permanent damage.

Flatfoot or high arch conditions: While there may not be such a thing as a perfect foot, excessive flat foot or high arch conditions can lead to other problems such as arthritis and ligament or tendon problems.

Custom foot orthotics: Orthotics are not simply arch supports. Custom orthotics are made from a special model of your foot and then additions are made to make your foot perform a certain way. 

Fractures, sprains, strains: We do treat fractures of the foot and ankle but if they are severe enough you will most likely be taken to the Emergency Room where they will treat you. Less severe ones can wait and we can repair them for you along with sprains and strains of your foot and ankle.

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